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We provide full range of IT Managed Services in New York NY & Fairfax VA, few of our services as below.

- Cloud services:

All over the world, businesses are migrating to newer technologies and systems in a bid to cut down costs and thereby enhance efficiency.

It has become paramount for these commercial entities to evolve with the changing times. One of the areas where most of the action is taking place is IT infrastructure.

Today, companies rely on computers and networking systems to run their businesses. However, upgrading these systems as the business grows or when newer technologies need to be incorporated can be quite a daunting task. It can put tremendous pressure in terms of financial allocation. Moreover, every time the systems are ungraded there is certain amount of data loss and temporary freezing of all backend services which results in productivity loss.

So, what is the solution? The answer is cloud such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud & Alibaba Cloud. Netlynx Inc is very known one of tht top IT managed services provider / cloud service provider companies in New York & Fairfax VA. For small and medium business owners these platforms offer several advantages over traditional IT infrastructure. Mentioned below some of the benefits -

- Virtualization Services:

Is your business growing faster than you expected? Are you facing bandwidth and IT bottlenecks. Are you worried about upgrading due to high costs? Yes! Then opt for virtualization services.

It is one of the best options to overcome the above mentioned setbacks. In fact migrating to this service can help you reduce IT expenditure, boost productivity and manage IT requirements as per your business demand. Now, isn’t that fascinating.

So, how does virtualization work?

As a business owner you have the right to know how virtualization works, and whether it will complement your company’s working ethos. In short, it is software that simulates / behaves like a standalone computer. Traditional servers have limitations on several fronts which forces organisations to deploy multiple, costly machines. Software based simulated computers can be built within a single server via virtualization. Netlynx Inc boasts a vibrant and close association with Nutanix, VMware and Cisco the pioneers of virtual data centres. It simply means you can opt from some of the best virtualizing companies in the world.

- Email Security:

There was a time when most of the commercial enterprises used free email services.

Then there was a period when several large corporations migrated to dedicated platforms for enhanced productivity and security although these were still in their nascent stage and lacked in terms of providing integrated or single window solution to multiple communication bottlenecks.

Today, the scenario is completely changed.

With a plethora of companies offering state of the art communication suites, business entities have become extremely selective in choosing the most appropriate platform. Some of the popular email service providers company include Google Gsuite, IceWrap, Zimbra and Custom Linux Box on Postfix and Mailscanner. Netlynx Inc is associated with these brands for a long time, and therefore we are able to offer our customers their email suites and standalone email services. We are bulk email service provider company in mumbai for business.

- Business Intelligence:

Business intelligence definition

Business intelligence (BI) leverages software and services to transform data into actionable insights that inform an organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions. BI tools access and analyze data sets and present analytical findings in reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts and maps to provide users with detailed intelligence about the state of the business.

The term business intelligence often also refers to a range of tools that provide quick, easy-to-digest access to insights about an organization's current state, based on available data.

Business intelligence examples

Reporting is a central facet of business intelligence and the dashboard is perhaps the archetypical BI tool. Dashboards are hosted software applications that automatically pull together available data into charts and graphs that give a sense of the immediate state of the company.

Although business intelligence does not tell business users what to do or what will happen if they take a certain course, neither is BI solely about generating reports. Rather, BI offers a way for people to examine data to understand trends and derive insights by streamlining the effort needed to search for, merge and query the data necessary to make sound business decisions.

- Storage and Backup:

At Netlynx Inc, we believe that today, data has become the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of many organisations.

This could be documents such as Word, Spreadsheets, CSV files, Inventory Numbers, Product Blueprints and a plethora of other information. Moreover, customer and vendor information is crucial to run any form of business. In such a scenario, if your IT environment goes down due to hard disk crash, virus or ransom ware attack it could bring your business to an abrupt halt. This could translate in extreme financial losses.

So, does the above situation worry you? As a business entity do you feel insecure all the time? Then opt for our storage and backup services and focus on building your brand and enhancing your company’s growth. You also need to understand that backing up data in-house or local computer/s is not the solution. In fact, it could prove fatal in the long run as any computer attack would literally cripple your day to day working. Moreover, local computer networks are prone to frequent attacks due to improper and obsolete security measures.

- Information Security:

There is no doubt that information runs the businesses today. Every small, medium and large organisation spends millions of rupees in gathering information relevant to their business to increase their sales and maintain the lead at the same time.

In short digital data is the driving force. Unfortunately, it is also susceptible to proliferation.

Whether the said data is stored on a server, laptop, mobile or any other dynamic device it is prone to compromise and cyber threats. Moreover, as the technologies become complex with each passing day the tools needed to prevent unauthorised access and cyber-attacks are also becoming expensive. So connect us all above IT managed services in New York NY and Fairfax VA.


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